The Pinhole Camera || Photographic Workshops ||

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The Pinhole Camera is fun!

In a 5 session workshop, you will build your own and develop with ease.

This is the best foundation to understand the light capturing device that is the camera and understand how light and light-sensitive materials work together. Join in and let your imagination go wild while learning the art of photography.

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The Pinhole Camera || Photographic Workshops ||

The pinhole camera is a brilliant device to begin to understand how light works and therefore how the camera has been designed over the years to be able to deliver images which society feel they need to be documented. It is a natural physical occurrence the Camera Obscura.  In the beginning, the idea was to use the device for painters and could have been designed well before it was, we had the technology but people were not ready. Once the light was caught in the camera onto a light-sensitive surface the challenge was how to make it stay, how to fix it. In this workshop, you will build and use your own paper pinhole camera and gain a solid foundation for future exploration with the photographic medium. Subscribe to the Newsletter and follow us on the Social Media where we will announce The Pinhole workshop dates throughout the year.