Park Lands || Photographic Workshops ||

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Sunrise || Sunset || The Golden Hour

The camera. A stunning work of art and triumph of human craftspersonship. And when you understand how it is designed to work it will become your best friend, you’ll want to take it everywhere. Simply signup and we shall teach you how to make this a reality. Create the images you have always dreamed of. Book right here! Now. Join us for golden light experiences in our sunrise and sunset Photographic adventures in Adelaide’s Parklands.




Park Land || Photographic Workshops ||

The Adelaide Park Lands are at their best during the ‘Golden Hour’.  Early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun hits the corners of the stratosphere, creating a gorgeous glow and special quality of light which is perfect for making wonderful imagery. The Park Lands separate the  City of Adelaide. from suburban Adelaide. This figure eight nature strip is filled with unique Fauna and Flora.