School Holiday || Pinhole Photographic Workshops || December 2021

From: $125.00

December 2021 is the month we focus our attention to the PINHOLE CAMERA.


December 2021 | Week 3 | Weekdays | Mon 13th, Tues 14th, Wed 15th, Thur 16th, Fri 17th |

This is an amazing opportunity to build your very own pinhole camera.
Explore and experiment and make actual prints, authentic and real!

We can also guide you through mastering whatever camera you choose to bring along. A smartphone, even. It’s all about the light after all.

Feel free to pick any weekday or come in for all 4 weekdays. Flexible arrival & departure times.

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School Holiday || Photographic Workshops || December 2021

December 2021 | Week 3 | Weekdays | Mon 13th, Tues 14th, Wed 15th, Thur 16th, Fri 17th |

The kids are alright!

We are so very excited that we get the opportunity to create a space for kids to express themselves through the photographic medium.

We actively and playfully demonstrate the beauty of photographic principles.

Directly experiencing and understanding how light works and how the camera has been designed to catch light waves and create images.

Photography is an ideal medium to reflect the world back to us or the opposite, to illuminate or hold a mirror to our internal worlds.

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